Granite Bathroom Countertops

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Everyone has a dream house. Most Hollywood celebrities own what could be anybody’s dream house – elaborately designed in elegance and lavish style. The house’s interiors are just astoundingly breath taking. Even the bathrooms are at par with a five-star hotel’s bathroom. There is just no part of it which is not spectacular!

Most people would wish for a house like that. It would be great to live in a dream house but in the meantime that it’s still far from happening, we can start making changes to our houses to make them look as perfect as possible. A good place to start is the bathroom.

Why start with the bathroom? The bathroom in our home is almost always taken for granted as it connotes all the unpleasant things we can think about: smell, look and function. But the truth of the matter is, the bathroom is the most necessary and important part of our home. One can have a house without a living room but can never be without a bathroom. As such it should be given preferential attention and care. People who consider their bathroom as important as any other room or area in the house would definitely have very beautiful and immaculate bathrooms. Their bathrooms will not even look like the typical bathroom at all. Their bathrooms can be mistaken as that of an inviting hotel lounge. Renovating the bathroom in such style could give a boost to the over-all image of your house.

Bathroom Decor

Your bathroom would need carefully selected bathroom fixtures like lavatory, water closet, tub or shower enclosures, taps and faucets which will create a good bathroom decor. All these elements should complement each other in order to attain a well-coordinated and creative style. Depending on your preference, there are many styles and designs to choose from – contemporary, traditional, modern or country style. These bathroom fixtures should also be in harmony or in contrast (depending on your preferred design style) with the bathroom countertop.

A good material for bathroom countertop is granite, a coarse-grained textured stone excellent for use on countertops and flooring tiles. The granite bathroom countertop is a first-rate choice due to its durability and low maintenance requirement, resistance to stain and temperature and a unique command of elegance and class. A granite bathroom countertop can be the focal point of your bathroom and it will be all that matters. It can also complement the over-all interiors of the bathroom along with all the fixtures to give a distinct and interesting impression. Regardless of how you play with the design, the granite bathroom countertop will transform your bathroom into an entirely new dimension and is definitely a must in your bathroom.

What separates granite from other materials is its natural beauty and toughness. Made as a bathroom countertop, it even serves a far better purpose while at the same time enhancing the ambiance and artistic elements of a bathroom. A highly functional, strikingly elegant granite bathroom countertop is just what your bathroom needs for a complete transformation and voila! your bathroom can sure look similar to that of a five-star hotel’s bathroom. Will you go for a granite bathroom countertop?

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Granite Countertops Cost – Making the Right Decision

Many reasons exist exactly why individuals are selecting granite countertops. Most of the causes are the benefits, set up problems, and value. You have made a great decision to use granite for your counters. The best selection with the installation of these counter tops is to use a certified company to do the job.

Granite Countertops Cost – Price of Materials

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops (Photo credit: feserc)

Granite may differ in price. It may rely on the type of granite that you pick and also the type installation procedure you select. Nonetheless, setting up granite needs not only the granite piece or floor tiles. There are many other materials that you need to upgrade on setting up your new countertops like the slim set mortar $10, any five pound. Sack of unsanded grout $5, any brand of refined sealant $25, a roll of plastic fine mesh tape $5, a trowel $5, the putty knife $5, any sharpening rock $7, any grout float $5, caulk that suits the color if you work with ceramic tiles $5, and plastic spacers $5. All of these materials will probably be necessary for setting up your countertops and you should look at the granite countertops cost to make your brand new counter possible. You also may need any ceramic tile saw. You can buy 1 for approximately $275 or rent the saw from hardware stores for approximately $45 for each and every usage. Additionally you need to calculate the actual timber supplies that you will need to buy. The materials that you’ll want to incorporate are a complete sheet of ¾ inch particle board. Each and every 8ft. of your countertop that you have you will need one sheet. You will need linen to be able to support the ceramic tile for each and every Five foot. of countertop that you have. Roof covering nails and screws is going to be needed as well.

Installation Granite Countertops Cost

There are lots of things that you have to take into consideration once you work with a contractor to be able to professionally set up the granitic counter tops. Selecting the unreliable individual could possibly be terrible and could spend up your income in the end wrongly. You need to find out how extended the particular company has been doing the enterprise so that you can make certain that they’ve been running a business for some time. This will also validate that they’re well-established. It’s also advisable to verify if they have any kind of complaints through consumers’ comments. You would like to confirm the number of jobs the company offers completed and have to see a collection of finished works they’ve done. Several companies consider images of the finished projects as well as give you a good option on you should expect to when it’s finished.

It’s also wise to request a set of recommendations as you will verify all of them. In the event the contractor will probably be making use of other sub-contractors to assist them, you need to ensure that you simply feel comfortable with all of the services they will provide to your home. Verify that everyone that happen to be doing work in your house is accredited and that they are typical covered with insurance. It is possible to safeguard yourself by requesting to determine a mortgage waiver to ensure that the company will not obligated to pay any person. The company must have individual liability insurance which will include property damage as well as whatever else that may happen.

The next step in determining the Granite Countertops Cost

Once you spend the money for service provider for the function accomplished, confirm that you are pleased with the work carried out prior to making a final repayment. You ought to restrict the actual down payment to be able compensate entirely. It is possible to use the contractor and set goals for repayment. This means, the company completes identified amounts of tasks, and then you outlay cash. You should also constantly never pay cash no matter what. It’s also advisable to have an agreement which clearly spells all of the function that will be performed and apply for the actual countertops. Make certain that guarantees are described for the materials and also the function carried out. Also, make sure the particular service provider washes their own mess regarding extra materials as well as things before they will leave your place.

Last word

Whenever you work with a company to put in granite counter tops at home, the purchase price can vary by how skilled the particular company will be and just how large the particular surfaces tend to be. The price ranges coming from $700 for up to $1500 and higher. If you choose to set up granite countertops on your own, you’ll be able to find rates from $500 for up to $700. However it is never a good idea to perform this kind of task since it can be very risky.

So what are your plans now after you read the details about granite countertops cost? Will a simple DIY project suits you or not?

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Granite Countertops Colors – Choose the Best One

After gemstone, granite may be the 2nd solid substance known in the world. Granite consists with normal assets such as mineral deposits in addition to quartz and also feldspar. The color regarding this kind of deposit depends upon these types of organic resources in addition acid. Deciding for proper granite countertops colors is a lot more complicated. The different effects of colors that come through feldspar are usually: cherry, emerald green, white-colored, as well as azure and colors created coming from quartz tend to be: pale, gloomy as well as articulate colour.

Granite countertops colors

Our Granite and Cabinets

Our Granite and Cabinets (Photo credit: ScottE22)

Granite, such as marble as well as other stones, is really as aged as the planet. Granite is the second hardest rock (diamond getting the first) and it is produced from melted rock. It really is found worldwide, in nations including Asian countries, Europe and also in America. Along with the strength, this rock is definitely a gorgeous one that includes shade as well as warmness to some space. Any frequent choice of creative designers for many years, marble counter tops have now become popular in every household. There are lots of granite countertops colorsincluding white wines, Cleveland browns, whites, green, doldrums as well as dark colors. The versions of the minerals in each bottom color generates hundreds a lot more feasible variations on the basic shades.

House remodelers and home contractors have seen a surge within the need for granite counters within bathrooms and kitchens. The beauty and also warmness regarding granitic causes it to be an ideal material for aesthetic appeal in home designs and style. The natural beauty found in granite countertops colors complement any kind of wood or even type of cabinets from old-fashioned region to more sophisticated designs.

What more about granite

Within the current trend granite came into common use and choice to make countertops. Granite counters are known for its durability. There are numerous do-it-yourself shops as well as storehouses in which you can get this. The particular over all beauty of your home depends upon the type of colors you’ve chosen. Your home is really a place which you applied to consistent basis; so you need to create this kind of spot as relaxing as possible.

Today let see various colours of granite countertops:

Dark colored countertops

Black color counters is the greatest option as it should be able to provide stylishness with a sophisticated look to your cooking area or other areas at home. The dark shade or perhaps the additional one that features a small outline produced from tiny stones or deposits can easily raise the value of your home.

You are able to opt for the dark granite when the interior or part of your property made out of white. That dark granite will distinguish properly with all the white interior of your place as making your house a lot more gorgeous. In India, Australia, Sweden and also Nigeria are be areas in which those dark granite stones were mined.

Red colorization countertops

The color red is a mark of love; consequently red counter tops supply an adoring as well as exciting physical appearance in the initial view. Red counter tops are obtainable in numerous shades which usually vary from sparkle salmon to gloomy red pink. Even though red granite is costly but they contain top quality interest to your house with their different warm colors.

It is extremely rare to discover solid red-colored counters simply because they often come with the mixture of additional shade for example black, gold and also dark brown. Reddish counters go along with whitened or gold nick in which raises the attractiveness of the particular countertop.

Glowing blue color countertops

Azure countertops can be purchased in various colors including: violet, azure glowing blue, lavender and ice glowing blue. Blue is the favorite color for many individuals which will make blue countertops most preferred counters for interior beautification.

Green countertops

Eco-friendly color granite countertops are usually comparatively a little costly plus they provide broad types of colors. Those green counters provide a typical physical appearance for your bathroom and kitchen as a result they’re not much known as in comparison to additional colors regarding countertops. There are various shades of those greens counter tops available including emerald green, pearl moss, forest green as well as marine green.

Tips in choosing the right color

When researching granite counter colors, make sure to provide any specific name of your color bought at one of those homes or mentioned in the designing newspaper. The country regarding source could have its own reputation for each color, then each of the vendors, fabricators, installers and also merchants may also have their own names. The various variations associated with shade of each and every piece generate further opportunities for brand new names. It requires research as well as trips towards the providers to assist you and simplify the method. Keep in mind, it is not the specific granite shade that matters, it is the qualities in the stone itself.

Have you decided what granite countertops colors you want?

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Granite vs. Quartz Countertops – Factors to Consider

China granite countertops

China granite countertops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are lots of options as well as add on when it comes to house renovating and remodeling. It is actually fun and exciting to choose the right accent and furniture for your house especially if you have the budget for it. Through this article you will get to learn and find out the answers on quartz vs. granite countertops issue. It is important that you learn and understand their differences as this will help you make the right decision. Read on and find out the final decision on this rock argument!

The discussion about Quartz vs Granite Countertops

There appears to be a big discussion about that of these kinds of countertops as which is the best for your kitchen that are placed more about on the actual social aspect of foods rather than just the actual cooking portion. Over the last few years the way we view cooking as well as ingesting becomes different. Probably, the renowned cookbook and television individuality Julia Childs had a whole lot regarding this transformation. Your woman created cooking food fun and enjoyable. It was not an extremely far leap to go through simple cooking to be able to prepare meals included in the sociable function.

A growing number of the kitchens are being made with the thought that the dinner tasks as well as the interaction with the actual sponsor works on the actual gourmet ticket. Outdoors kitchen design is now popular as it is an ample area for your friends to use your kitchen and also assist with the preparation when they want to. This implies the countertops with the cooking area to become useful and as part of the style declaration within the whole house.

The two most common kind of countertops

The most used countertops are usually quartz as well as granite. They both have got presently there pros and cons that should be considered when choosing the one that will suit your needs as well as your budget.

Granite counters are extremely stunning since the mineral deposits in the stone give geometric designs and colors that nearly appear after years of usage. They may be strong and also waterproof together and also quite simple to clean as well as stain resistant. The primary down side with this stone is the fear of breaking or perhaps fissuring. Granite must be reinforced nicely since overhangs can easily discontinue if they are struck or hefty merchandise is put on them. Patching granite is best although quite impossible to execute.

Quartz countertops aren’t actually solid quartz such as many people presume. As an alternative, the particular quartz is actually chemically made and then mixed with a manmade filler substance which really makes it durable. These stones are not as easy as compared to granite as two times as tough this means they could take a lot more misuse issues on it. Additionally they manage warmth far better because the base materials tend to be developed to manage this challenge. Mending quartz is less difficult because it is produced in the governed surroundings so some items will certainly complement the other component.

What’s the Variation?

The real difference between granite and also quartz is simple. Marble is 100% normal and taken completely from the planet earth, finished then cut into pieces. Quartz, however, furthermore includes gemstone that includes a couple of man-made products to boost its sturdiness as well as uniformity. Granite has a quartz element, but requires any sealant when utilized in the house to be able to protect the particular permeable area. It doesn’t require any sealer typically and it is look is much more constant as compared to granite; visible designs work best way to know if it’s granite or quartz.

That is less expensive?

Quarrels are already made for both sides whether or not granite or quartz is a lot more inexpensive. Quartz has been said being usually less expensive, however according to its toughness and shade; it may sometimes be more expensive compared to granite.

What about its maintenance?

Granite ought to be maintained about every year to keep the top gleam and to stay protected from stains. Quartz is much more resistant to microorganisms, yellowing, as well as heat and doesn’t have to be maintained regularly. Quartz can be covered for additional glow, but this is usually not necessary.

Which is a lot more eye appealing?

Many householders recommend granite because of its natural appearance; nonetheless, you will find types of Quarts that can be appealing as it offer some amazing organic designs. Quartz also is available in a solid color and may become simpler to change the parts without the counter tops seeking mismatched. Granite could have a lot more intricate styles than quartz, yet quartz can be ordered and made with customized colors.

So tell me, what do you think wins the Quartz vs. Granite Countertops discussion?

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Granite vs. Marble Kitchen Countertops

marble kitchen countertop

Two of the top choices of kitchen countertops are definitely granite and marble countertops. Both are made of unique minerals and they are also classy and will suit well with your home well. They also come in so many varieties in shades and colors that really make it quite a challenge to choose between the two.

There are yet a number of differences between the two stones that have yet to be compared and considered seriously before making a choice. We will discuss these in detail so that you can get a comprehensive study on their advantages and disadvantages.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is a metamorphic rock and it is made from limestone, a form of calcium coming from the earth and goes through pressure and heat in order to be formed into a marble. Marble can also be grinded and heated to be used as filler for paper, medications and cement hardening. Even though marble is durable, it is also easily destroyed by acid, heat and water. It is not heat resilient so that you should never place a heated cooking pan on top of a marble countertop. This will only damage the sensitive marble.

Marble is also very porous so that the sealed coating will not suffice to protect it against scratches and cracks of sharp objects. It is also easily stained so that all liquids can seep into the sealed coating once there is a breakage or scratch. This will easily damage your marble kitchen countertop.

Marble Kitchen countertops are not ideal for busy kitchens since it is sensitive to scratches and cracks. You will be spending a whole lot more in maintenance and repair, which will probably cost you a fortune.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is the second hardest stone; the first being the diamond. This speaks of its durability. It is quite expensive also but you will later find that you will be spending one time one time on the granite kitchen countertop and then almost zero on maintenance. It is pretty costly and if you do break a part of the slab, you will basically have to replace the whole portion since you cannot repair just a part of it. This again, makes it more expensive. But if you look closely, you will see that only the hardest objects hit rather violently can crack granite. This happens rarely in a kitchen setting.

Going to the advantages, the maintenance is really easy because you will need jut to wipe it and your done. Resealing annually is recommended to keep it durable. It is heat resilient unlike marble and it never fades in color.

The minerals that make up granite are feldspar, quartz and mica. No slab is the same which makes yours a truly unique countertop. You can also choose from a variety of colors. Unlike marble, granite can be quarried locally, which is an advantage since there will be less shipping cost and it will subsequently be less expensive.

Granites surely outweigh the advantages and benefits that marbles can give you. When choosing the right kitchen countertop, look to the facts and then make the best decision.

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Granite vs. Laminate Kitchen Countertops

One of the cheapest there is in kitchen countertops is the laminate kitchen countertop. So you want to buy this because of your budget constraint. Will it last long? Is it worth your penny? Or should you go with Granite, you have already heard that is durable yet your budget speaks again, thus, you have second thoughts. If you are still clueless on which is which for your kitchen remodeling, look no more, because we will be looking at each one so we can fair on which can be the best for you.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

As previously mentioned, laminate is very cheap. Much cheaper than granite, probably ten times cheaper. It can be installed by anyone in the household because it is very light and installing is really hassle free and easy. Laminate countertop material is called Formica. It is a layer of plastic glued to a wood that can look like other materials; it can even look like granite.  It can have a rolled or square edge. The thicker laminate is usually utilized or work surfaces, while the thinner laminate is for backsplashes. Other big names in laminate are Wilsonart and Nevamar.

There are a number of advantages that we can mention here, for instance the price, which is of course super low. Also, it is fairly easy to clean. It can also resist stains. It also comes in different colors and varieties so there is no problem on the variety and the availability since it is mass- made.

The advantages often range from its durability, which means that it can easily crack and scratch, not to mention the stains that sometimes cannot be removed. Repair costs and replacements will soon pile up and in the end; you will end up paying more.

There should be extra care on using cleaners which can eventually dull the laminate countertop. Sharp objects can also easily break it and never put a hot pan on top because it ill surely melt. In time, laminate colors will most likely melt and fade.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granites are the exact opposite of laminate. Disadvantages stem from the pricing.  It really is more expensive because it is one of the most durable and unique stone. Unlike laminates, granite is made up of minerals like quartz, feldspar and mica which give it its unique colors, durability and elegance.  It is heat-resistant, it will never fade and it will rarely crack because it is the second hardest stone next to the diamond.

Maintenance of a granite kitchen countertop is very easy because you do not need hard chemicals to clean it. It will never stain and you will just need to reseal it once a year. It will also add a higher market value for your home in case you will want to have it rented out or sell it.

In the long run, you will actually be making a sound investment when buying a granite countertop as it will not give you a headache with the repair and maintenance unlike laminate, which is cheaper but you will be paying so much more on replacements and maintenance.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen Countertop

We sometimes take our kitchen for granted. This is where we eat, cook out meals and well, get together! Have you ever thought of giving it a boost like a makeover? Maybe call an expert to help remodel it? Look no more, because we have the best ideas for you to do to your kitchen. You will learn the best ways to brighten up your kitchen through remodeling your kitchen countertop.

First off, you have to know what you currently have as your countertop. There are cheap types that don’t necessarily speak of your radiant personality. They usually last for a short time and you will need to repair or do away with afterwards.

If you have Laminate, it is fairly cheap, if not, the cheapest countertop. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages. It is not advisable to put on heat on top of it because it will scorch and in a few months, scratches will be very visible adding to its dullness. I would not recommend this for you. Not even if you are in a tight budget. You would want to change your countertop a.s.a.p.!

You might also be having a solid surface countertop on your kitchen. This is also like the laminate so that it is still non-resilient to heat. Repair would come early and it will still be hard on your budget to maintain this type of countertop.

I would recommend for you to use natural stones, granite more specifically. They are very heat resilient and durable. Your expense in purchasing this type of material will be a good investment as this will serve you well with the best quality there is.

Granite countertops are the best. Materials are exquisitely durable because it is made of the second hardest natural stone next to the diamond; it is very stylish in colors so trendy and classy; red, black, blue and white. They come from different parts of the world attesting superb quality.

Granites can make a whole lot of beauty makeover for your kitchen. They require so little maintenance and many have attested to wear and tear which is almost nil. Definitely a must have for kitchen lovers!

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